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  • Affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal Central University, Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand
  • Approved by Govt. of Uttarakhand, Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) and National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE)
  • Recognized by UGC u/s. 2(f) and recognized as a Local Chapter for NPTEL activities by IIT Madras
  • Attached with 200 bedded Multi Speciality Hospitals in Dehradun, namely Dolphin Jan Kalyan Multi Specialty Hospital and Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences
Admissions Open for 2022-23

Technology is making agriculture more rewarding

In recent decades, the number of technological applications in the Indian agricultural sector has increased significantly. This transition has been led by farm mechanization, which is enabling farmers to generate larger incomes. Other facets of agriculture were also developing...
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Researchers create novel eradication strategies for SARS-CoV-2

Researchers have described creating a new family of synthetic peptides that can prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from infecting cells and clumping the virus’s infectious virions (particles) together. This innovative strategy offers a different way to render viruses like...
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Quantum sensing for assessing mammalian brain activity

Over the years, motion pictures have developed remarkably, offering us more realistic video clips than the choppy and hazy ones in the past. This change is accredited to the development of image technology over the time, starting with the 19th-century Lumiere brothers’...
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Medical Lab Technology as Booming Career Option

Medical Laboratory Technology is one of the many professional specialities that are offered in the healthcare industry. It deals with the microscopic, biochemical, and pathological investigation of bodily cells, tissues, and fluids. It equips students with knowledge and abilities...
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India’s big leap in pharmaceutical chemistry

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has been incredibly honest with its strength. India has established a reputation for itself and is now referred to as “The Pharmacy of the World” in some areas. India’s reputation is mostly a result of its strong foothold in...
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Impact of super massive black holes on stellar birth

Exploration is the essence of the human spirit and as far as it is concerned with the universe, it goes beyond the human imagination. Recently, a European research group has analyzed the impact of supermassive black holes on star formation. The research team was led by Professor...
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Physiotherapy, promising paramedical profession in India

People today experience many muscular skeletal issues. Life is quite busy, and we are embracing mechanisation. We have backaches, sciatica, lumbago, and many other problems because we do not exercise or use our muscles as per their potential. Well, physiotherapy is advised to...
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Career Scope in Zoology

One of the most well-known scientific fields that include researching animals and their biological processes is zoology, commonly referred to as animal biology. The study of zoology covers topics including taxonomy, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and...
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